Volunteer for a
One-hour “Career Chat”

At DataWorks we host 1-hour, informal “Career Chats” via Zoom, usually on Fridays with volunteer guest speakers to expose Data Fellows to different career paths and to build connections that can benefit their data careers in the future. During the “Career Chat”, guest speakers share their career story with the data team and answer questions. It’s like an informational interview – you share your experience and answer questions that help the Data Fellows build a vision for their careers.

During the meeting, speakers are welcome to share their screen or present slides, but we usually follow a conversational format. We’ll start with a round of introductions, then you can tell us about your career. Then, we will have informal Q&A for the remainder of the hour. Afterwards, the Data Fellows will connect with you online and, if it’s okay with you, we will share a post to our LinkedIn page thanking you for the chat.

We have had speakers with all different careers and educational backgrounds, including people who work deeply in data and those who work tangentially with data. We welcome people at all points in their careers at all levels – from people who work as data scientists/analysts, product/project managers, data entry specialists, and administrative assistants, are all welcome. We particularly like to hear from people who learned skills out of school, since that is the pathway many Data Fellows follow.

If you are interested in volunteering for a Career Chat, please share your information with us below and we will be in touch as we are schedule new speakers.