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DataWorks is a just and responsible workplace providing non-profit and civic organizations with data collection and analysis in Atlanta

Our Clients

We work with a wide variety of clients to help them leverage clean and high quality datasets. Our attention to detail and our unique perspective on data has supported the goals of many organizations, from non-profit organizations, to for-profit companies and research projects.

“Our collaboration invited an exciting opportunity to more deeply understand community needs. What remains true, is that people within communities are experts of their own experiences. To have a solid team of young people who not only have the acquired capabilities to engage data learning in creative ways, but to also understand people and culture, is invaluable. It shows us what is possible when we continue to invest resources into local communities with the intention to build on collective knowledge as opposed to forcing an external solution”

GreenLight Fund

Recent Work

Recent Publications

“Bettering Data”: The Role of Everyday Language and Visualization in Critical Novice Data Work

Shapiro, B. R., Meng, A., Rothschild, A., Gilliam, S., Garrett, C., DiSalvo, C., & DiSalvo, B.

Educational Technology & Society


Data Tools

Data Tools is our compilation of curriculum and applications developed to support novices learning in the data field. Our curriculum is used to aid our DataWorks learners, but we’ve shared it for public access. Check it out!