Data for all.

DataWorks is a unique data services provider.
DataWorks recruits people from economically disadvantaged neighborhoods and underrepresented groups in computing to train and employ them as Data Wranglers and Data Developers.  DataWorks is incubated in Georgia Tech’s College of Computing.
Data Wrangler working with Microsoft Excel.

Who We Are

Our Mission

Our mission is to leverage the collective influence, research, and knowledge base of the public university to provide data for all and develop data skills in partnership with local communities.

Our Team

Research Team

Advisory Board

Leslie Canty
Block by Block
@ Promise Center

Polo Chow
Georgia Institute of Technology
School of Computational Science & Engineering

Andre Dickens
Atlanta City Council, Post 3 At-Large TechBridge Inc.

Cicely Garrett

Bob Gradeck
Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center
University of Pittsburgh
Center for Social and Urban Research

Kristine Jones
University of Washington
Evans School of Public Policy and Governance

Amanda Meng
Jabian Consulting

Jill Niland

Debra Lam
Georgia Institute of Technology
Smart Cities and Inclusive Innovation

Erica Raleigh
Data Driven Detroit


Dataworks is currently not hiring. However we do anticipate opportunities on the horizon soon. To be notified of opportunities, please contact us through the contact form or email us at for updates.

Our Work

DataWorks seeks to broaden participation in computing from underrepresented groups and infuse lived-experiences of residents from under-served communities into civic data.

Initial funding for DataWorks was graciously provided by the GA Tech’s School of Computing. Our work is sustained through income generated from contract-based long-term and ad-hoc projects from nonprofit, government, and for-profit organizations.  

Why Data?

As technology has become embedded in all aspects of our lives, organizations, governments and companies, also has the ability to gather and analyze data that could not have been imagined 10 years ago. While there was a time when data was considered impersonal, inert, and intangible; today we recognize that data is a reflection of the context in which it is collected, analyzed, and communicated. 

Most often we think of data in the contexts of work as professional settings, staffed with expert computer scientists and designers. But increasingly, data work occurs in community settings. Data literacy has become an essential component of contemporary life and context has emerged as an important topic in all-things related to data.

Let DataWorks for You

We would welcome the opportunity to serve as a data partner to meet all of your data needs. We prioritize working with local Atlanta organizations in the private and public sector: including nonprofits, government agencies, foundations, businesses, and community-based projects. No project too big, too small or too tedious.

Please provide us with some information about your data needs in the form below. Our Business Development Manager will follow-up within 24-48 hours to discuss further details about DataWorks could meet your needs.