Our Research

“Bettering Data”: The Role of Everyday Language and Visualization in Critical Novice Data Work

Shapiro, B. R., Meng, A., Rothschild, A., Gilliam, S., Garrett, C., DiSalvo, C., & DiSalvo, B.

Educational Technology & Society


Informed  by  critical  data  literacy  efforts  to  promote  social  justice,  this  paper  uses  qualitative methods  and  data  collected  during  two  years  of workplace ethnography to characterize  the  notion  of  critical…

Interrogating Data Work as a Community of Practice

Annabel Rothschild, Amanda Meng, Carl DiSalvo, Britney Johnson, Ben Rydal Shapiro, and Betsy DiSalvo

Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction


We apply Lave & Wenger’s construct of a community of practice to identify and position members of the data work community of practice, focusing on members on the periphery who…

Towards fair and pro-social employment of digital pieceworkers for sourcing machine learning training data

Annabel Rothschild, Justin Booker, Christa Davoll, Jessica Hill, Venise Ivey, Carl DiSalvo, Benjamin Rydal Shapiro, and Betsy DiSalvo

’2022: Proceedings of the 2022 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems


This work contributes to just and pro-social treatment of digital pieceworkers (“crowd collaborators”) by reforming the handling of crowd-sourced labor in academic venues. With the rise in automation, crowd collaborators…

Understanding civic and non-profit data through a custom data lifecycle

Annabel Rothschild, Carl DiSalvo, Amanda Wooten, and Betsy DiSalvo

Investigating Data Work Across Domains: New Perspectives on the Work of Creating Data workshop at CHI 2022


This report details our experience creating a graphic to help track how data flows through our organization, DataWorks. DataWorks specializes in data cleaning and standardization services for civic and non-profits,…

Towards a Community-Defined Framework for Responsible Digital Piecework Requests.

Annabel Rothschild, Carl DiSalvo, and Betsy DiSalvo

The Global Labours of AI and Data Intensive Systems workshop at CSCW 2021


Our understanding of the poor treatment of digital pieceworkers informs our desire to create alternative, sustainable employment options for full-time data-focused piecework. We describe the results of a three day…

Exploring Approaches to Data Literacy Through a Critical Race Theory Perspective.

Johnson, Britney, Ben Rydal Shapiro, Betsy DiSalvo, Annabel Rothschild, and Carl DiSalvo

Proceedings of the 2021 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems


In this paper, we describe and analyze a workshop developed for a work training program called DataWorks. In this workshop, data workers chose a topic of their interest, sourced and…

The History of DataWorks