Career Dev Schedule 2024

Monday Session (4/22)

  • LinkedIn posts for Nicole’s Career Chat and sharing the blog post
    • we might even want to write up a blog post about the career chats?
  • Reflect on Nicole’s career chat (record this)
  • Meet with Venise
  • Email writing and scheduling, booking and emailing career chat speakers
  • LinkedIn post and getting involved in research

Monday Session (4/08)

  • Update LinkedIn profile with pre-written title and description
  • Find people with a career you want to learn more about and look at their background, consider how they might have embellished it
    • If not sure of what titles to search, try these: project manager, data analyst, IT analyst, look at people who work at georgia tech, look at people’s connections you are connected to

Monday Session (3/12)

  • Selam Career Journal Show n Tell
  • Networking lecture
  • Connecting with people on LinkedIn
    • Connecting with career chat speakers, each other, and past Data Fellows – demo connect with note
  • Make sure everyone has added their details to the website bio form – if time, go through updating it

Monday Session (3/4)

Intro Day (2/29)

  • Career Chats
    • Reflection discussion
  • Overview of Career Dev (presentation)
    • Deliverables
    • Session structures
    • Review career paths after DataWorks
  • Start building your network NOW
    • Blindly applying to jobs is the least effective way to do it – the goal is to know people, and with time, you can get to know people
    • Network building resources:
  • Information Management – keep digital notes in one place
    • Can use OneNote, Evernote, Obsidian, Simplenote, or notebook and organized Word documents
  • Career Journal (Selam presents)