Meet the Data Fellows: Team Update

At DataWorks, we have been working on new projects and now have three new Data Fellows! We thought this would be a good time to introduce our new team for our first-ever blog post. The Data Fellows were asked to respond to the following prompts:

  • Introduce yourself
  • What did you know about data before starting?
  • What are you eager to learn?
  • How are you going to use what you learn in different settings? How does what you are learning apply outside of DataWorks?
  • For senior Data Fellows: what are you envisioning next?

Selamawit Husen

Teamwork, organized, detail oriented, meeting deadlines, accuracy 

Selam – Data Fellow, 3rd Cohort

During my time at DataWorks over the past year, I have acquired valuable skills in understanding, processing, organizing, categorizing, manipulating, and analyzing data. In my next role as a data analyst, I aim to leverage my strengths in teamwork, organization, attention to detail, meeting deadlines, and accuracy to deliver exceptional results. By collaborating closely with team members, I will ensure that project objectives are met efficiently and effectively. I’ll use my skills to keep things organized, making sure tasks flow smoothly and data is managed efficiently. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to accuracy I’ll pay close attention to details and make sure everything is accurate when analyzing data, helping the team make smart decisions. Ultimately, I strive to contribute to the success of my team and the organization by consistently delivering high-quality work that exceeds expectations.

I envision myself working with data as a data analyst, utilizing both technical and general skills that I acquired during my time at DataWorks. I am currently seeking opportunities in the field of data analysis.

Are you hiring data analysts or ServiceNow technicians? Selam is finishing her term at DataWorks and looking for her next role. Find her on LinkedIn.

Asher Brown

 I don’t know what to pick in the IT world, so I want to immerse myself in a little of everything.

Asher – Data Fellow, 4th Cohort

Hello, I am Asher a new addition to the Dataworks team. I have been very adamant on wanting a job that teaches me while I work. So, I am happy Dataworks was suggested to me I have only been here for a little over a month and have already learned many things. Such as how to use excel and how to get started with linkedIn. My background is with more labor jobs than tech things but I enjoy playing around with tech in my down time. I played around with Figma which is a web design website. I also played around with building websites and learning how to 3D build places with Blender. I am a beginner with all of those things because they are just hobbies. I don’t know where I want to be in the tech world I just know that I want to be in it as of now. I hope with data works I can find my career field and advance my skills.

Josh Fortier

 Immersed in the world of data and loving it!

Josh – Data Fellow, 4th Cohort

My name is Josh Fortier, I am a recent transplant from California and am an avid dog lover and a bit of a techie.  I have been working with DataWorks for just over a month and have already learned so much!

Before DataWorks, I would think of data as a bunch of 1’s and 0’s and would not think much beyond that. However, data is all around us and because of this fact, it’s important to make sure that it’s always as safe and accurate as possible. I would have also previously thought that a lot more automation is involved, but there is also a need for a human component when it comes to this work, because technologies available to us don’t always understand the data as it’s intended.

I am eager to learn more of the varying ways data work can be applied. So far we have worked with a variety of clients using our services to meet their needs and so far no project has been alike any others. There have also been a number of times when I’ve began something one way and then found a new tool or formula I may be able to use to achieve the same outcome at a faster rate. Through continued education and implementing new techniques in every day work, we can continue to optimize these strategies.

Oschaya Ellis

 I am interested in learning how to code, but it also seems intimidating!

Shay – Data Fellow, 4th Cohort

My name is  Oschaya Ellis, I recently graduated with my bachelor’s degree in communication studies from California State University of Long Beach. I recently joined the DataWorks team, and I am continuously learning new things. Especially about the foundations of data and how that is turned into something on a broader spectrum. For instance, our most recent ASL project is demonstrating how the data will be transformed into an application at a later stage.  

Prior data knowledge I have comes from a marketing standpoint. More so, when it comes to analyzing consumer trends. I also have minor knowledge about qualitative and quantitative data when it comes to surveys and research.  

I am interested in learning how to code, but it also seems intimidating! However, I just wrote HTML and CSS for the first time today, and I’M READY! Hopefully I will gain data literacy and be able to recognize data in the simplest of forms throughout everyday life. I think having knowledge in data will help me in a multitude of different avenues whether it is professional or not.  







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